Purr-fect Pet Hair Solution: BISSELL® CleanView® Swivel Review

Purr-fect Pet Hair Solution: BISSELL® CleanView® Swivel Review

Welcome, dear ⁣readers, ‍to our latest product review! Today, we’re diving into ‍the world of home cleaning with the BISSELL 2252 CleanView Swivel Upright Bagless Vacuum. This isn’t just any vacuum ⁣cleaner – it’s a powerhouse specifically designed to tackle the challenges of‍ pet hair and beyond.

Imagine a ‌vacuum that not only cleans your floors but also understands the unique needs of homes with pets. That’s exactly what the BISSELL CleanView Swivel ‍offers. With ⁣specialized pet tools⁢ and features,​ it’s⁢ like having‍ a cleaning companion tailored to your ‍furry friends.

One of the standout features⁤ is the TRIPLE ACTION Brush Roll. This isn’t just your average brush roll – it’s a pet hair annihilator. It lifts, loosens, and removes embedded pet hair ⁣with‍ ease, while the silk-like ⁤bristles delicately handle hard floors, ensuring no debris is left behind.

And let’s talk about maneuverability – with Swivel Steering, getting around furniture and tight corners is a breeze. No more wrestling with‌ your vacuum to reach those hidden spots; ‍this one glides effortlessly wherever you‍ need it ​to go.

But it’s ​not just​ about floors –​ the ‍BISSELL CleanView Swivel ⁣comes equipped ⁤with specialized pet tools that seamlessly integrate ​with the ⁣vacuum. Whether it’s tackling upholstery, stairs, or other above-floor surfaces, cleaning up after⁤ your pets has ‍never ⁢been easier.

What’s more, every purchase of a BISSELL product‌ supports the BISSELL Pet Foundation, helping to save homeless pets. So, not only are you investing in a top-notch ‌cleaning solution,‌ but you’re also making ​a ‌difference in the ‌lives of animals in need.

In⁤ our upcoming review, we’ll ⁢delve deeper into the‌ performance, ease of use, and overall effectiveness of the BISSELL 2252 CleanView Swivel Upright Bagless Vacuum. Stay tuned as we put this cleaning powerhouse ⁣to the test and see if it lives up to the hype!

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When it comes to cleaning up after our furry friends, the BISSELL CleanView Swivel Pet vacuum‍ is a game-changer. This ⁤upright vacuum⁤ is designed specifically for homes ⁤with pets, featuring specialized pet ​tools ‌and⁢ technology to tackle even‍ the toughest messes. The TRIPLE ACTION Brush ⁢Roll works wonders on embedded pet hair, while the Scatter-Free Technology keeps debris contained, making it ideal⁣ for both ⁣carpets and hard floors.

What sets this ‍vacuum apart ⁤is its Swivel Steering, which allows for easy ​maneuverability around‍ furniture‍ and tight spaces. Combined ⁤with its edge-to-edge cleaning capabilities, you can trust⁤ that every nook and cranny will ⁢be thoroughly‌ cleaned with ‌each pass. Plus, with the ​included⁣ Pet TurboEraser‌ tool,​ cleaning upholstery and stairs is a breeze.⁢ And the ​best part?⁣ Every purchase of a⁤ BISSELL product supports​ the BISSELL Pet⁢ Foundation, helping to save homeless‍ pets. So, not only are you investing in a top-notch vacuum,‍ but ​you’re also making a difference in the lives of ⁤animals in need.Highlighting the Features
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When it comes to of our exceptional vacuum, the BISSELL CleanView Swivel Pet Upright, we’re thrilled to share the remarkable functionalities that set it apart. First and ​foremost, the Swivel Steering feature grants maximum maneuverability, ⁢ensuring effortless cleaning around furniture and other obstacles. This innovative design empowers users to navigate tight spaces‍ with ease, leaving ⁣no corner untouched.

Moreover, the Triple Action Brush Roll ‍ is a game-changer in pet hair removal. Its dynamic ⁢mechanism effectively loosens, lifts, and ⁤removes‍ embedded pet hair, guaranteeing a pristine clean every time. Complementing this is ​the Multi-Surface Cleaning ⁢with Scatter-Free Technology, which halts the spread of debris, particularly beneficial‍ when tackling dry pet messes on hard surfaces. This advanced technology ensures thorough cleaning without the hassle of ‍scattered dirt.

To further enhance versatility, our vacuum comes equipped with Specialized Pet ‌Tools including the Pet TurboEraser‌ tool, designed to tackle stairs,⁢ upholstery, ‍and more with precision. And ⁢let’s not forget the convenience of the Easy Empty Dirt Tank, which simplifies the cleaning‌ process with its one-button release⁤ mechanism, ⁢making⁢ post-cleanup‍ cleanup a breeze. Every aspect of our product is meticulously crafted to‌ deliver unparalleled performance, ​ensuring a⁤ seamless ⁤cleaning experience‍ for pet owners everywhere.‍ Ready to revolutionize your cleaning routine? Shop now and experience the ​difference!

In-depth​ Analysis and​ Insights
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Upon delving into the features and performance​ of our latest ⁢addition to the cleaning arsenal, we’re thrilled ‍to offer an in-depth analysis ⁣of the ​BISSELL CleanView Swivel Pet vacuum. Crafted with precision engineering and⁤ a keen understanding of pet-related⁢ cleaning ‍needs, this upright vacuum stands out ‌for several reasons.

First and foremost, the Swivel‍ Steering technology deserves special mention. This innovation allows for maximum maneuverability,​ effortlessly gliding around furniture ⁤and other obstacles,⁣ ensuring no nook or cranny goes uncleaned. The Triple Action Brush Roll is another ⁢standout ⁤feature, adept‍ at loosening, lifting, and ‌removing embedded pet hair with finesse. Complemented by Scatter-Free ⁤Technology, it​ tackles dry pet⁤ messes on hard surfaces without dispersing⁣ debris, providing ⁤a thorough clean every time.

In addition to its exceptional cleaning capabilities,​ the BISSELL CleanView Swivel Pet vacuum comes equipped with a range of Specialized Pet Tools, including the Pet TurboEraser tool for cleaning stairs, ⁣upholstery, and more. The ⁣ Easy Empty Dirt Tank further⁤ enhances convenience, allowing for quick and mess-free⁣ disposal of collected debris.​ With every purchase of this product, you’re not only investing‌ in a superior cleaning solution but also contributing to⁣ the noble cause ⁤of pet ‌welfare, as BISSELL proudly‍ supports the BISSELL Pet ⁣Foundation’s mission to help save homeless pets.

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Our Recommendations
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Looking for a vacuum cleaner⁢ that’s specifically​ tailored for⁣ homes with pets? Look no‌ further! Our‌ team⁤ has⁣ put the BISSELL® CleanView® Swivel Pet upright ​vacuum through its ​paces, and ​we’re impressed with ⁣its performance. With specialized pet ‍tools and features, this vacuum is designed​ to‍ tackle the toughest pet hair and messes with ease.

One ‌standout feature of this vacuum is its⁣ Swivel​ Steering,⁤ which‌ provides maximum maneuverability,‍ allowing ​you to effortlessly‌ clean around furniture and other obstacles.⁤ Combined with ​its‍ edge-to-edge cleaning‌ capabilities, you can be confident that you’re getting a thorough clean with each pass. Plus, with its Easy Empty Dirt Tank, cleaning up after cleanup is quick and mess-free, making ​it a convenient choice for busy pet owners. Don’t miss out​ on the opportunity‍ to make pet ​messes disappear – ‍ get your ⁤BISSELL CleanView ⁤Swivel Pet vacuum now!

Customer Reviews Analysis
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Customer Reviews Analysis

Our blog post ‍”Purr-fect ⁣Pet Hair Solution: BISSELL® CleanView® Swivel Review” wouldn’t be complete without⁤ diving into what customers​ have to ⁢say about⁤ this vacuum ⁤cleaner. Let’s sift through the feedback and see what we’ve got.

Happy ‍Cats, Happy ‌Carpets

We⁢ were delighted ⁣to hear ⁢from one customer ‍who mentioned ⁢having cats and needing a reliable vacuum to tackle the fur. Not only did they find that the BISSELL CleanView ​Swivel did a great job of picking up pet hair, but it also revitalized their old,⁣ mashed-down carpet. They⁢ praised ‍the effectiveness of the handheld pet attachment and the ease of ‌cleaning the ​canister and filters.

Pros Cons
Efficient⁢ pet hair removal Suction power can catch lightweight items
Effective carpet revitalization
Handheld pet attachment works well
Easy to clean canister and filters

Powerful ‌Performance

Another customer, switching from an ⁤old vacuum, was amazed by the BISSELL CleanView Swivel’s suction power. They found it lightweight yet highly efficient, picking up even microscopic ‍dust⁤ particles. With⁢ two⁤ furry dogs, they were pleased to ⁣find no‍ tangling in the brush and noted the vacuum’s ability to handle pet hair admirably.

Upgrade from Disappointment

One customer replaced ⁢their previous vacuum with the BISSELL CleanView​ Swivel after a disappointing experience. They appreciated its effectiveness in picking up pet⁢ hair without clogging,⁢ even with multiple dogs. While they missed ‍some features from their ⁣old vacuum, they found‌ the BISSELL ​to be a⁤ significant improvement.

International Quality

Despite a mishap with a faulty motor reported ⁢by⁤ one customer, overall satisfaction with the BISSELL ⁤CleanView⁣ Swivel extended ‌internationally. ‍From Singapore to ​the USA, users praised its powerful suction and​ ease⁣ of use, making it a top choice⁣ for pet owners.

Final Verdict: A⁣ Furry Friend’s Best‌ Companion

From revitalizing carpets to effortlessly tackling pet ⁢hair, the BISSELL CleanView Swivel has won⁤ over⁣ many customers⁢ with its powerful ‍performance and user-friendly design. While there ⁢were minor concerns such ⁤as cord length and delicate⁤ attachments, the overwhelming consensus is that this⁤ vacuum is a worthwhile investment for pet ​owners seeking a reliable cleaning solution.

Pros & ‌Cons
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Pros & Cons


Pros Description
Powerful Pet Hair ⁢Pick‌ Up The TRIPLE ACTION™ Brush Roll effectively lifts, ​loosens, and removes ⁣embedded pet hair.
Specialized ⁢Pet Tools Comes with Pet TurboEraser tool for cleaning stairs, upholstery, and⁣ more.
Swivel Steering Maximizes​ maneuverability, making it easy⁢ to clean around furniture and obstacles.
Large Capacity⁤ Dirt Tank Allows for extended cleaning sessions without ‍frequent emptying.
Edge-to-Edge​ Cleaning Tackles pet hair, ‌dirt,⁤ and debris along edges and in corners for thorough cleaning.
Scatter-Free Technology Prevents scatter when dealing with dry pet messes on hard surfaces.
Supports​ BISSELL⁢ Pet Foundation Every purchase contributes to ​saving homeless pets, aligning with a noble cause.
Easy Empty Dirt Tank Quick ‍and mess-free‌ emptying with the press of a button.


  • Requires filter replacement every 6 months, which​ may add to maintenance costs.
  • While effective, specialized pet tools may not⁤ be as versatile for general cleaning tasks.
  • May be slightly‌ heavier compared to⁤ non-pet-specific vacuum cleaners due to additional features.

Overall, the BISSELL ​CleanView Swivel Pet Upright Bagless ‍Vacuum ​offers excellent pet hair cleaning capabilities and convenient features tailored ⁣for pet owners. ‍However, users should consider the maintenance requirements and potential ​limitations of specialized tools ⁢when making ⁤their purchase decision. Q&AQ&A Section:

Q: How⁤ often do I ⁣need ‍to replace the filter‍ on the BISSELL CleanView ‌Swivel ⁣Pet vacuum?

A: We recommend replacing the filter every 6 months to maintain optimal performance. ​This ensures that your vacuum continues to effectively capture dirt and debris while extending its durability.

Q: Does ⁤the BISSELL CleanView Swivel Pet​ vacuum work well on hard ⁢floors?

A: Absolutely! With its​ Triple Action Brush Roll and Scatter-Free Technology, ‌this ‌vacuum ⁣is designed ⁢to ⁢tackle ‍dry ‍pet messes on hard ‌surfaces effectively. The silk-like bristles on the brush roll ⁣gently lift fine ⁤debris while keeping it⁤ contained for a⁤ thorough clean.

Q: Can the specialized ⁢pet ‍tools be stored on the vacuum itself?

A:‍ Yes, indeed! We ‌understand the importance ⁣of⁤ convenience ⁤when‌ it comes to pet cleaning. That’s why we’ve‌ equipped the CleanView Swivel Pet vacuum with specialized pet tools that​ conveniently attach right ⁢onto the⁤ machine. This means ⁤you can easily access them whenever you ⁤need to clean ⁣up ‌pet messes, whether it’s⁤ on the floor or above.

Q: How easy‌ is it to empty the dirt tank‍ on this vacuum?

A: Emptying the dirt tank couldn’t be simpler! With just the press of a button, the dirt tank opens at the bottom, allowing for quick and mess-free disposal of ⁢collected ‍debris. ⁤No fuss, no hassle—just effortless cleaning.

Q: Does⁤ purchasing the BISSELL CleanView Swivel Pet​ vacuum contribute to helping homeless⁢ pets?

A: Absolutely!⁢ We’re‌ proud to support the BISSELL Pet ⁢Foundation and its mission⁤ to help ⁢save ⁤homeless pets. When you purchase a BISSELL product, including the CleanView Swivel Pet vacuum, you’re not only investing in‍ top-notch cleaning ⁤performance ​but also helping to make a ‌difference in the⁤ lives of pets in ⁤need. It’s a win-win!⁤ Unlock Your PotentialAs we conclude our journey through the realm⁤ of pet hair conquest, we⁤ can ‍confidently assert that the BISSELL® ​CleanView® Swivel ‌Pet vacuum has indeed exceeded our expectations. From its swivel steering that ​effortlessly navigates ‍around furniture to its specialized pet ⁢tools that ensure no‍ furball ​goes unvanquished, this vacuum is truly a companion for every pet⁤ owner.

But⁣ it’s not just about cleanliness; it’s about making ⁣a ⁣difference. With every purchase of a BISSELL product, you’re ⁢not ‍just investing in a cleaner home; you’re⁤ contributing‍ to the ⁤noble cause of saving homeless pets through the BISSELL Pet Foundation®. It’s‌ a powerful⁤ testament to⁢ the fact that cleaning up after​ our ⁢furry friends ⁤can lead⁤ to brighter⁤ futures for animals in need.

So,​ if you’re ready to bid farewell⁤ to pet hair woes and embrace a cleaner, more pet-friendly home, take the leap ‍with‌ the BISSELL‌ CleanView⁢ Swivel Pet ‌vacuum. Trust us, ‌your furry companions will thank you.

Take the first step towards⁣ a cleaner home and brighter future for pets in ​need.‌ Get⁢ your BISSELL CleanView Swivel Pet vacuum now!

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Welcome to our review of the BISSELL 2252 CleanView Swivel Upright Bagless Vacuum! Seeking a purr-fect solution to pesky pet hair? Look no further. With its swivel steering and powerful suction, this vacuum effortlessly tackles pet hair, leaving your floors fur-free and sparkling clean. The specialized pet tools are a game-changer, easily reaching into every nook and cranny to extract stubborn pet hair. Plus, the large capacity dirt tank means less frequent trips to empty, saving you time and hassle. And when it’s time to empty, the process is a breeze, thanks to the easy-empty feature. Say goodbye to fur-covered floors and hello to a cleaner, fresher home with the BISSELL CleanView Swivel.

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