Pet Messes Vanish: BISSELL TurboClean PowerBrush

Pet Messes Vanish: BISSELL TurboClean PowerBrush

Welcome to our review of the Bissell TurboClean PowerBrush Pet Carpet​ Cleaner! If you’ve ever had the joy of sharing⁢ your home with furry friends, you know that along with ‍the cuddles and ​companionship comes the⁤ occasional mess. Whether it’s muddy paw⁣ prints​ from an adventurous⁣ romp ⁢in the yard or ‍an unexpected indoor accident, dealing with pet-related stains and odors can be⁤ a real ⁤challenge.

But fear not, because the Bissell TurboClean PowerBrush Pet Carpet Cleaner ⁢is here to make⁤ those messes disappear like magic.‍ Don’t​ be fooled by ⁢its​ sleek and lightweight design; this ​compact powerhouse ‌is more than capable of tackling even the toughest pet stains with ease.

Equipped⁢ with a four-row DeepReach PowerBrush Roll and Bissell’s specially formulated ⁤cleaning solution, this machine is designed to lift away dirt and stains that a vacuum alone just ⁣can’t handle. From urine and vomit to mud⁣ and more, no ⁤mess is too much for the TurboClean PowerBrush Pet.

One of the standout features of this carpet cleaner is ‍its two-tank system, ​which ensures that clean water ‌and‌ formula stay separate from dirty water. Say goodbye to⁣ the days of accidentally⁣ re-soiling your carpets with⁣ grimy water; with the TurboClean PowerBrush Pet, you can clean ⁣with confidence‍ knowing that you’re ⁤always using fresh, clean water.

Not ⁤only ‌is this machine a game-changer when it comes to ‌cleaning⁢ up after ‌pets, ⁤but it also helps support a great cause. With every purchase of a Bissell product,​ you’re contributing to the Bissell Pet Foundation and their mission​ to‌ save homeless pets. So not only are you keeping your home clean and fresh, but you’re also making a difference in‌ the lives of animals in​ need.

In addition to its powerful⁢ cleaning capabilities and charitable contributions, the TurboClean PowerBrush Pet ​Carpet‍ Cleaner is ⁢also incredibly user-friendly. With features like easy-to-remove water ‍tanks and a removable ⁣nozzle, maintenance is a breeze, ⁢leaving you with more time to spend enjoying the⁢ company of your beloved pets.

Overall, we couldn’t be more impressed with the Bissell​ TurboClean PowerBrush Pet Carpet⁤ Cleaner.‌ Its lightweight yet ⁣powerful design, combined with its ​ability to tackle tough pet messes and support a worthy cause, ⁤make it a ⁤must-have for‍ any pet ‍owner. Say goodbye to stains and odors and hello to a‌ cleaner, fresher‌ home with the Bissell TurboClean PowerBrush Pet Carpet⁣ Cleaner.

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Let us introduce you to a⁢ cleaning powerhouse disguised in a sleek and lightweight frame. The BISSELL‌ TurboClean PowerBrush Pet Carpet Cleaner​ is our ​go-to solution for⁣ tackling those pesky pet messes that​ inevitably find their‍ way onto our carpets and⁤ area rugs.‍ Despite ⁣weighing⁤ less‌ than 13 pounds, this‍ machine ⁢boasts ​a formidable cleaning prowess thanks to its four-row DeepReach⁢ PowerBrush Roll, which teams up with ⁤BISSELL formula to⁢ obliterate stains left behind⁤ by our furry companions,⁢ from urine puddles to muddy paw prints.

What sets this carpet cleaner apart ⁣is ‍its two-tank system, ensuring that clean water and formula⁤ remain separate from the dirty water, guaranteeing that​ we never reintroduce filth back onto our ⁤freshly cleaned carpets. Its compact design⁤ makes it​ ideal for ‍smaller living spaces, and features ​like easy-to-remove water tanks and a detachable nozzle simplify maintenance. Plus,⁣ by choosing this product,‍ not only ​do we bid adieu to pet messes ⁤and ⁤odors, but we ‍also contribute to ⁤a noble cause; BISSELL proudly supports the BISSELL Pet‍ Foundation, helping‌ to save homeless pets with every⁣ purchase. Ready to tackle⁤ pet messes with ease? Get yours now and join us in our mission ‍to keep our homes clean and our ⁢furry friends happy!

Exploring the Power ⁣of Bissell TurboClean ‍PowerBrush Pet Carpet Cleaner
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When we talk‍ about cleaning up‌ after our⁣ furry‌ friends, ‍we need a machine that’s not just efficient⁢ but also easy to use. The Bissell TurboClean PowerBrush Pet Carpet Cleaner fits the bill ⁤perfectly. Despite its sleek⁤ and lightweight design,⁢ this powerhouse tackles pet messes with ease.​ Weighing less⁢ than 13 pounds, it might seem ‌small, but don’t let that fool you—it packs a serious cleaning punch.⁣ The four-row⁣ DeepReach‍ PowerBrush Roll, combined with⁣ Bissell formula, effectively​ removes stubborn stains ‌like dog​ and cat urine, vomit, and mud. It’s ⁤our go-to ⁤solution for those unexpected accidents on the ⁢area rug ​or those muddy paw prints traipsed in ⁤from the ​backyard.

  • Lightweight & Powerful: The compact design of the⁢ Bissell TurboClean⁤ PowerBrush​ Pet Carpet Cleaner makes it ideal for smaller living ‍spaces with limited ‌storage. Cleaning carpets becomes a breeze, thanks to its powerful performance.
  • Two-Tank Technology: Say goodbye⁤ to cleaning ‍with dirty water. With‍ its two-tank system, clean water and formula⁢ are stored ‍separately from dirty water, ⁤ensuring that your carpets and area rugs⁢ are left‌ fresh and ‍clean after each use. ‌The tanks are easy to remove, fill, and empty,‌ adding to the convenience of​ maintenance.

Not only⁣ does this product simplify ⁤the task of cleaning up ⁤after pets, but it also ‍contributes ⁣to a noble cause.⁢ Bissell proudly supports the ​Bissell Pet Foundation, which aims to help save homeless pets. So,⁢ by investing in‌ the Bissell ​TurboClean PowerBrush Pet Carpet Cleaner, you’re not only investing in‌ a cleaner⁣ home but also in the‍ well-being of animals in need. Ready to experience ​the​ cleaning power of this⁤ remarkable machine? Get yours now!

Key Features Unveiled
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Step into the realm of effortless pet ⁤mess ‌cleanup with⁤ our innovative carpet cleaner. Our ‍TurboClean PowerBrush Pet is a mighty force packed into a sleek, lightweight design. With a power rating of 4.75 Amps, it ⁤delivers exceptional cleaning ⁢prowess to tackle even the toughest stains left⁣ behind by your⁣ furry⁣ friends.

  • Four-row DeepReach PowerBrush ‌Roll: Lifts‍ away dirt and stains that a vacuum leaves behind.
  • Tackle Tough Pet‍ Messes: Designed for high-traffic ⁣areas, small spaces, and area rugs where pet messes frequently occur.
  • Lightweight & Powerful: Its compact design makes carpet cleaning easy and convenient, perfect for smaller living ⁣spaces.
  • Two-Tank⁣ Technology:‍ Maintain⁣ hygiene with ⁤separate​ tanks for clean ​and dirty water, ensuring no recycled messes on your carpets.
  • Removable Nozzle: ‍Simplifies machine maintenance and cleaning, ensuring hassle-free operation every ​time.

Moreover, our commitment extends beyond just cleaning – with every ​purchase,⁣ you contribute to ⁢saving homeless pets. We proudly support the BISSELL Pet Foundation, making a meaningful difference in the lives of our furry companions. Join us in our mission to eliminate pet messes, odors, ⁣and homelessness. Experience the convenience and compassion of‍ our TurboClean PowerBrush Pet today!

Shop Now and ⁢Make a Difference!Unleashing‍ the Advanced Technology and Design
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**Our** exploration ⁤into the innovative technology and⁤ design of this carpet cleaner reveals a powerhouse within a lightweight frame. Despite ​its sleek appearance, ⁢this machine⁣ proves ⁢itself formidable against the toughest ​pet messes. **We**ighing in at less ⁤than 13 pounds,⁣ it delivers a robust cleaning performance, thanks to the four-row DeepReach​ PowerBrush Roll, effectively combatting pet stains like urine, vomit, and mud.

Features Advantages
Lightweight & Powerful Convenient for smaller living spaces with limited storage
Two-Tank Technology Separates clean and dirty water, ensuring no residue is left behind
Removable Nozzle Facilitates easy maintenance and ‌cleaning

Moreover, the two-tank system⁣ ensures that clean water and formula remain separate⁢ from the dirty water, maintaining the hygiene of your carpets ‌and rugs. Its compact design makes it ideal⁣ for maneuvering through high-traffic areas, while the easy-to-remove water tanks⁢ and nozzle simplify post-cleaning maintenance. Beyond its practical benefits, **we** take​ pride in supporting the BISSELL Pet⁣ Foundation with every purchase, contributing to the noble cause‍ of alleviating pet homelessness.

In-Depth‌ Analysis and Recommendations
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In ⁣our in-depth analysis of⁤ the BISSELL TurboClean PowerBrush Pet Carpet Cleaner, we found it to ⁢be‍ a standout performer in tackling pet messes‍ on carpets and area rugs. Despite its lightweight ⁣and sleek design, this machine packs a powerful cleaning punch, thanks⁤ to the four-row DeepReach PowerBrush Roll that effectively works with BISSELL formula to remove tough stains like urine, vomit, and mud left ​by our furry friends. ​This makes it a reliable ⁤choice ⁢for quick clean-ups when accidents happen, ensuring your carpets stay fresh and clean.

One of the ‌standout features of this carpet cleaner⁤ is its two-tank system, which keeps clean‍ water ‍and formula separate from the ‌dirty water.‌ This ensures that you ⁣never put dirty water back onto ⁢your carpets or area rugs, maintaining a high ‌level of cleanliness. Additionally, the compact design and lightweight nature of the​ TurboClean PowerBrush Pet make ⁢it ideal for smaller⁢ living spaces with limited storage. Overall, ⁢if you’re looking for⁢ a ​powerful and efficient ​carpet cleaner that can handle⁢ pet messes with ease, the BISSELL TurboClean PowerBrush Pet is a solid choice.Delving⁤ into Performance, Durability, and Maintenance
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When‍ it comes⁢ to performance, the⁤ Bissell TurboClean ⁢PowerBrush Pet‍ Carpet Cleaner truly stands out. ⁤Despite its​ lightweight ⁤and sleek design, ⁤this machine is‌ a ⁢powerhouse⁣ against pet messes⁣ on carpets and area rugs. Equipped with a four-row DeepReach PowerBrush Roll, it effectively lifts away dirt and ‌stains that may have been missed‍ by regular vacuuming. Whether⁢ it’s dog urine, cat vomit, or mud,⁢ this cleaner, paired with Bissell formula, tackles ⁢tough pet messes with ease. Its compact design makes it perfect for​ smaller living spaces, yet its cleaning prowess is not​ compromised. Plus,⁣ with a power rating of 4.75 Amps, it offers sufficient suction to leave your ‌carpets looking and feeling fresh.

When it comes to durability, the Bissell​ TurboClean PowerBrush Pet Carpet Cleaner doesn’t disappoint. ⁤Constructed ⁣with quality materials​ and⁢ backed​ by Bissell’s reputation for reliability, this machine is built to last. The two-tank⁣ technology ensures that clean water and formula are kept separate from dirty water, preventing any recontamination‍ of your carpets. Maintenance is also a breeze, ​thanks to features⁢ like easy-to-remove water tanks​ and a‍ removable nozzle. Cleaning and maintaining the machine after use is quick and straightforward,⁤ allowing you⁣ to spend less time on upkeep and more time enjoying ​clean, pet-free ⁤carpets. With‍ every purchase supporting the⁤ Bissell Pet Foundation’s ​mission​ to‌ help save homeless pets, investing ‌in this carpet cleaner not only benefits you but also contributes to a worthy ‌cause. ​So why wait? Take the first step towards cleaner carpets ⁢and a brighter future for pets in need. Get yours‍ now!

Customer Reviews Analysis
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Customer Reviews Analysis

This ⁤cleaner is really lightweight and easy to use. It’s also very ⁤powerful ⁢and effective for ⁢such a ‌budget-friendly and small machine. This is ‍perfect for area rugs. I imagine it would be less‌ suitable for large carpeted rooms as it does need emptying and refilling frequently due to the smaller tanks. In addition,​ this model lacks an upholstery brush, so consider that if ⁣you are looking for ​something more versatile. Overall, I ⁤would recommend this ⁣machine, it’s effectively cleaned and ‍refreshed our area rugs that ⁢had gotten dingy and were holding pet odors.

I used this on⁤ a 7.10×10.5 rug off white⁣ and ⁣blue rug. The clean water tank is a bit small. ⁣I had​ to fill it​ 5 times, although I⁢ almost ⁣made it with 4. Each time I needed ‍to clean the dirty water tank too because ⁣it was gross. ⁤Thankfully it is super easy to do, just a pain‍ so frequently. On the upside, the tap water was still hot each time so⁣ I ⁣didn’t have to wait‌ for that. I’m no design expert but I ‍feel they could’ve made the dirty water tank a ‌little ‌smaller ‌and the clean water ‍tank a little bigger, ‍but for this price, I⁣ can’t complain. It cleaned really well,‌ only 2 ​places did⁣ I do wet a second time, and they were bad. After‍ I was done I did go back over with the dry vacuum setting 6 times. I‌ wanted ​to see ‍how long it​ would take for the dirty water to stop. 5th time dry⁢ was ​hardly any dirty⁤ water, by 6th not any. ⁢However, the water that did keep coming out was still dirty,​ just not as bad as it⁤ was at first. ‌I assume it is due to the ground-in dirt around the‌ bottom pad of the rug. Yet, turning the rug over after that seems pretty clean ⁣too. ‍There was minimal moisture under the rug on the floor. That could be due to the rug backing and/or taking the time⁣ to suck up the excess water.‌ It was a concern of mine so‍ I thought I’d ​share. The rug did curl a little but I think that is normal since it is wet and really thin.​ If⁢ it doesn’t flatten back out on its own⁢ I’ll ‌update this and let you ‌know. I think it ⁣will‍ be‌ fine.​ It⁣ picked up a bunch of dog hair from deep in the carpet⁤ that‍ made me realize ⁢I‌ now need ‌a ⁢new vacuum too. Clean up was easy, and is very important to keep‍ this little machine working. One review mentioned a⁢ groove that was ⁣hard to clean. I can see how that might be an issue for an OCD person but for me, it just ​makes it look used if you can get that‌ clean. I ⁢don’t see how it would ever​ impact the ability to clean. It is ⁤more a cosmetic flaw. The ⁣machine is so light I ⁣held it ‌up over ⁢my trash​ can with one hand ​while I ‍wiped out the dog hair from the​ bottom‌ and roller. I was surprised how ⁣easy it was to wipe it clean. It comes apart and goes back together so easily. I’m not handy​ and I was never scared of doing it.⁣ Instructions are great too. For the price ‌you can’t beat this. However,​ I wouldn’t⁢ use it for a larger area. Not that it couldn’t clean ⁣it but that it would take ​forever refilling and emptying the water tanks. From start to clean up was about 2 hours.⁣ Next time it won’t be as long‌ since I⁢ know how to do it ‍all​ now. I have two little dogs and hard floor everywhere else so they run‍ to this rug from outside with their​ dirty⁤ paws. I‍ have to say after using this I feel like a gross human ‌being. I⁢ pride myself on a clean house, this will now be a staple to ensure that. Money very well spent.

****‍ HELPFUL TIP **** Others have mentioned‍ that dirt gets​ trapped and is nearly impossible to get ⁢out of all the little crevices of this machine. I discovered that if I ‍removed as much of the clumped dirt underneath as possible, then‌ place the carpet cleaner in ‌my bathtub, I ⁤can run water​ through it as if I was cleaning carpet, empty it. Then plug the tub, fill ‌with some clean water and suck the water‍ up as ​if I’m drying carpet. Do this a couple‌ of times and ⁤it will clean ⁣the machine without having ​to take it apart and will ⁣get the dirt out of all the little crevices. Hope this helps someone else.


  • Removed a lot of dirt from carpet
  • Will ⁣work on all carpet lengths (low to high profile)
  • Lightweight
  • Easy assembly
  • Compact ⁣for space-saving
  • Great for‌ small stains⁣ or messes⁤ that don’t require ⁢the ⁤entire room⁣ to be cleaned


  • Dirt will⁢ clump ​instead of being ⁣sucked into the cleaner
  • Will stop having ⁢proper suction if any gets ⁤stuck‍ in⁣ the part that sucks up the water
  • It is ⁢pretty small so it will ⁤not cover a wide area without SEVERAL passes, dumping ⁢and refills
  • Cleaning solution that ⁣comes‌ with it leaves residue that can⁤ be⁣ felt once dry
  • Releases too much water⁤ and solution which results in longer drying‌ times or⁢ requires ⁢several more passes over carpet
  • Not easy to clean after using unless you use the tip mentioned above

I’m tempted to get the bigger one and compare, but it’s ​not in my budget‌ right now.

Very good ‍product,‍ especially for the money. Found a similar unit at three different stores by Bissell but without the two tanks ⁢that are ⁤very useful. ⁢Easy ​to assemble.‍ Cleaned a 6×18 foot dirty carpet well. Used 140-degree water then 120-degree water and​ both were good. You must remember to shut off the trigger when ⁣not needing to spray and go slow especially when ⁢backing ⁤up. Easy to⁤ empty ⁣and reinsert. Practice first dry. Not⁢ for‌ large ‍areas unless you’re not in​ a hurry.​ Had to go⁤ over a couple of areas twice⁤ but I was⁢ learning ​and went too fast. I did ours at ⁤night just for ​more time to dry. Bissell included a small bottle of NON-TOXIC cleaner. Think I’ll use Dawn next ‍time also⁣ non-toxic for kids and pets always licking their paws. Bissell makes a much larger unit with a larger price ⁢for larger jobs. I⁢ like this size and ‌weight as‌ I carry it outside ⁣to empty for several reasons, not just cause ⁤the grass likes the water and can handle the dirt. Not‌ a huge‌ amp draw on your​ electric‌ bill. About 20 cents for 20 minutes, if⁢ that. Sure beats down on my hands and knees with⁢ a scrub Pros & Cons“`html

Pros ⁢& Cons


Powerful cleaning performance
Specifically designed for ‌pet ​messes
Lightweight ⁤and easy to maneuver
Two-tank system​ ensures clean​ water usage
Supports BISSELL ⁤Pet⁢ Foundation to help save homeless pets
Easy maintenance with removable nozzle


Corded power source may limit mobility
May not be suitable for large carpeted areas
Some users may find the water tanks ​cumbersome ​to refill

“` Q&A**Q&A Section:**

Q:‌ How effective is the BISSELL TurboClean⁢ PowerBrush Pet at removing pet messes?

A: The BISSELL TurboClean PowerBrush Pet is incredibly effective at tackling tough pet messes​ like urine, vomit, and mud on ‌carpets and area rugs. Its four-row ‌DeepReach PowerBrush Roll works in conjunction with BISSELL formula to lift away dirt and stains that vacuums may leave behind, ensuring your floors are ⁤spotless.

Q: Is ⁢the BISSELL TurboClean ⁣PowerBrush Pet suitable for​ smaller living spaces?

A: Absolutely! Despite its powerful cleaning capabilities, the‍ TurboClean PowerBrush Pet⁢ is lightweight and⁢ compact, making ⁢it perfect for ​smaller living spaces with ⁢limited⁣ storage.‍ Its sleek design allows for easy maneuverability, so you can effortlessly clean high-traffic areas⁣ and small spaces where pet messes often occur.

Q: How does ‌the two-tank system ‍work, and why ⁣is it⁣ beneficial?

A: The two-tank system ‌of the⁣ BISSELL TurboClean‌ PowerBrush Pet ensures that clean water and formula​ are ‌kept ⁤separate from dirty water. This means you⁤ never‍ have ⁤to ‌worry about putting dirty ⁤water⁤ back onto your carpets or area rugs, providing a more hygienic cleaning experience. Additionally, the tanks are easy to remove, fill, ⁤and ⁤empty, making maintenance a breeze.

Q:⁤ Is⁢ maintenance ‍difficult for the BISSELL TurboClean PowerBrush Pet?

A: Not at all! The⁣ TurboClean PowerBrush⁢ Pet is designed with ⁤features like easy-to-remove water tanks and a removable nozzle, making maintenance quick and hassle-free. You⁢ can‌ spend less time​ cleaning the cleaner ​and more time enjoying⁣ your freshly ⁣cleaned carpets.

Q: How does ⁢purchasing the BISSELL TurboClean PowerBrush ⁤Pet contribute to‍ helping homeless pets?

A: When you purchase ⁤the BISSELL TurboClean PowerBrush‍ Pet, you’re not just‍ investing in a powerful cleaning tool for your home—you’re also supporting‍ the BISSELL Pet Foundation ‍and ‍its mission to help save homeless pets. BISSELL proudly donates ‌a portion of its proceeds to this cause, so you can feel good about your purchase⁤ knowing that you’re ⁤making a difference ⁢in⁤ the ⁣lives ‌of animals in‍ need. Experience the DifferenceAs we conclude our exploration of the BISSELL TurboClean ⁣PowerBrush Pet Carpet Cleaner, we’re left thoroughly impressed by its ability​ to tackle the ⁣toughest of pet messes with ease. ‌From muddy​ paw prints to unfortunate accidents, this machine stands ready to‍ restore your carpets and area rugs to their former glory.

Its lightweight and⁤ compact design make it a ‍perfect companion for homes​ of any size, ensuring that even those with limited⁢ storage​ space can enjoy the benefits of a deep clean. The innovative⁢ two-tank system ⁢ensures that only clean water ‍and formula touch your floors, giving you peace ⁣of ⁤mind with every use.

But what truly sets this product apart is its commitment to not only cleaning up after pets ⁢but also⁤ to helping save them.⁣ With every purchase, you’re supporting the BISSELL⁢ Pet ‌Foundation and their ⁢noble mission to ‍rescue and‍ rehome homeless pets.

So why wait? ⁤Take the first step towards‍ cleaner‌ carpets⁤ and ⁢brighter futures for pets in need. Click here to⁣ get your hands ⁤on the BISSELL TurboClean PowerBrush Pet Carpet Cleaner today!

Get your ‌BISSELL ‍TurboClean PowerBrush Pet⁤ Carpet Cleaner now!

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Step into a world where pet messes vanish with ease, courtesy of the BISSELL TurboClean PowerBrush. Our team delved into the world of pet carpet cleaners, and this powerhouse stood out. Its sleek design, adorned in a vibrant green and black, instantly grabs attention. But it’s not just about looks; this machine means business. With its PowerBrush technology, it tackles stubborn stains and odors, leaving your carpets refreshed and renewed. We were impressed by its efficiency in lifting pet hair and dirt embedded deep within the fibers. And the best part? Its large capacity ensures uninterrupted cleaning sessions, perfect for those with multiple furry friends at home. Say goodbye to pet mess worries – the BISSELL TurboClean PowerBrush is here to save the day.

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