Savory Review: Our Take on Chinese Salty Walnut Kernels from Linan Mountain

Savory Review: Our Take on Chinese Salty Walnut Kernels from Linan Mountain

Have you ever craved a snack that is not only delicious but also packed with nutrients? Well, look no further because we’ve got the perfect treat for you. Introducing the⁣ Chinese Peeled Walnuts, ⁢Fresh⁤ New Linan Mountain Walnut Kernels. These walnut kernels are a​ true culinary delight that will⁤ leave you in awe of their taste, texture, and fragrance.

Measuring at a compact size ‌of 3.54 x 3.54 x 3.94 inches, these walnut⁣ kernels come in a convenient net weight of 170g/6oz. But don’t let their small size fool you. Each bite of ⁣these ⁣kernels is bursting with deliciousness that will leave your taste buds wanting more.

One of the standout features of this product is its variety of optional flavors. Whether you prefer the original, creamy, or​ salty flavor, there’s something for everyone. ⁤The richness and sweetness of these flavors will surely⁤ satisfy⁤ your snack cravings.

Not only are these Chinese Peeled ⁢Walnuts a delight to ⁤your taste ​buds, but they also come with a promise of quality. The manufacturer, Linan Walnuts, ensures that each bottle of walnut kernels is carefully packaged to guarantee your satisfaction. In ⁤the rare event that your bottle arrives damaged or contains spoiled items, the company provides a hassle-free replacement policy. All you need to do ⁢is contact them, snap a photo of the damaged ⁢item, and they will ship a ⁣replacement right to your doorstep.

It is important to note‌ that while these walnut kernels ‍make a long journey to reach you, a few may get spoiled due to ‍a loose seal. However, the company asks for⁣ your forgiveness in this matter and assures you that they strive to deliver the freshest and finest products to your table.

If⁤ you’re looking for a snack that is not⁤ only delicious‍ but also nutritious, these Chinese ‌Peeled Walnuts, Fresh New Linan Mountain Walnut Kernels are a must-try. So,⁢ what are you waiting for?⁣ Grab a bottle today and experience ​the delight of these fragrant​ and flavorful walnut kernels.

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Overview of the Chinese Peeled Walnuts

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We are excited to introduce our‍ Chinese Peeled⁣ Walnuts to you, sourced ‍from the fresh Linan Mountain Walnuts. These exquisite kernels have been carefully peeled, ⁢ensuring that you can enjoy the ​goodness of walnuts without⁤ any shells. Measuring at a net weight of 170g (6oz) without the bottle, this pack of walnut meat is perfect for snacking or adding a delightful crunch to your dishes.

Prepare your​ taste buds for a delightful treat with our Chinese Peeled Walnuts. ​They offer a‌ delicious, sweet,⁣ and fragrant flavor that​ will ‍leave you craving for more.

3 Optional Flavors:
To cater ‌to various preferences, we offer our Chinese Peeled Walnuts in three distinctive flavors: Original, Creamy, and Salty. Each flavor adds a unique twist to the naturally nutty taste of walnuts, allowing you to choose according to your personal preference. Whether you prefer the traditional flavor,⁢ a creamy indulgence, or a slightly salty kick, we have got you covered.

The net weight of 170g (6oz) ​allows for an ample supply of⁤ these tasty⁤ walnut kernels. Please note that the gross weight with the ⁤bottle‍ is 250g, ensuring that you receive ‌a generous portion of ⁤these⁢ delightful treats. We take utmost care in packaging, however, if you receive a ‍damaged bottle or a spoiled item, please reach out to us with a photo ⁤of the⁤ bottle/item, and we will promptly provide⁢ a ⁤replacement. As‌ the bottled walnuts travel a long distance overseas, there may be a few instances where the seal becomes loose,‍ resulting in‌ a​ spoiled item. Please forgive‌ us for any‍ inconvenience caused.

With our Chinese Peeled Walnuts, you can elevate your snacks, salads, desserts, and other ​recipes with ‍their crunchy texture and irresistible taste. Try them today and experience the excellence of Linan Mountain Walnuts. Don’t miss out on this delicious opportunity – place your order now and satisfy your cravings by clicking ​ here.

Highlighting the Freshness and Quality of the Linan⁣ Mountain Walnut Kernels

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When ​it comes to the Linan Mountain Walnut Kernels, freshness and quality are at the forefront. These Chinese Peeled Walnuts are a true delight for the senses, offering a delicious, sweet, and ⁣fragrant taste that is⁤ unmatched. Whether you prefer the original, creamy, or salty flavor, these walnut kernels are sure to satisfy your cravings.

One of ⁣the standout features of these walnut kernels is their impeccable freshness. Each kernel is carefully peeled from the Lin’an ⁢Fresh Mountain Walnuts, ensuring that you get the best taste and texture in every bite. We take great pride in delivering a product that‌ maintains its freshness, even after a long journey overseas. While we strive to ensure that each bottle arrives in perfect⁢ condition, we understand that there⁢ may be instances of a damaged bottle or spoiled item. If you ever encounter such an‍ issue,⁣ simply contact us and provide a photo of the bottle or ​item, and we will promptly ship a replacement to you.

In conclusion, the Linan Mountain Walnut Kernels ⁢are‌ a delicious and high-quality choice​ for walnut lovers. With their delightful taste, impeccable freshness, and various flavors to choose from, these‍ walnut⁤ kernels are a true treat. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience the goodness of Linan Mountain Walnuts – click here to purchase now!

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Insights into the Flavor Profile and Unique Characteristics of the Salty​ Walnut Meat

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When it comes‌ to flavor, the salty walnut meat does not disappoint. Our taste buds were instantly awakened by the perfect balance of saltiness that⁤ doesn’t overpower the natural sweetness of⁣ the ⁢walnut kernels. The combination of these flavors creates ‌a delightful taste experience that leaves a lingering, pleasant fragrance on the palate.

What sets the salty walnut meat apart from other flavors is its unique characteristics.​ The saltiness adds a savory ⁤element to the walnut kernels, making them a perfect ‌choice for those who prefer a more robust ​and savory ‍snack. The creamy texture of the kernels ⁣further enhances the overall eating experience, making each bite a truly indulgent treat.

In ⁢addition to its exceptional flavor profile, the salty walnut meat offers other noteworthy features. The net weight of 170g provides a generous amount of walnut kernels, allowing you to enjoy the snack for an⁤ extended ⁤period. If you happen to receive a damaged bottle or a spoiled item, rest assured that our customer service team will promptly assist you by providing a replacement. We understand that the long journey of the bottled walnuts ⁢to overseas destinations may occasionally result in a few items ⁤with loose seals. However,⁢ we ⁣are committed to ensuring the utmost satisfaction of our customers.

To experience the deliciousness and unique qualities of the salty walnut meat for yourself, click here to purchase the Chinese ‍Peeled ⁤Walnuts. ​Don’t miss out on this irresistible snack⁢ that will‌ surely tantalize your taste buds.

Recommendations ‍for Enjoying the 临安山核桃仁 to the Fullest

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When it comes to savoring the 临安山核桃仁⁢ (Salty) to the fullest, we have a few recommendations to enhance your walnut ⁣experience. These delicious ‌and ‍fragrant walnut kernels ‍are a treat ‍on their own, but‌ with a little‌ creativity, you can take your enjoyment to the next level.

  1. Pair with cheese: The salty flavor of these walnut kernels ⁤makes them a perfect match for a variety of cheeses. From creamy brie to sharp cheddar, the combination of the rich, nutty walnuts and the smooth, savory cheese is a match made in heaven. Try creating a​ cheese board with a selection of your favorite cheeses and a bowl of these walnut kernels as a delightful appetizer for your next gathering.

  2. Add them to salads:⁢ Give your salads a‍ boost of flavor and texture by adding a handful of these walnut kernels. The crunchiness and salty taste of the walnuts ​will complement⁣ the‌ fresh greens and other ingredients in your salad. For an extra burst of flavor, you can lightly toast the walnut kernels before adding them ⁢to your salad. The combination of textures and flavors⁣ will elevate your salad​ to a ​whole new ‍level.

  3. Incorporate into baked goods: Get creative in the kitchen and use these walnut kernels to add a unique twist to your favorite baked goods. From cookies to cakes, the possibilities are endless. Chop the walnut kernels into small pieces and mix them into your dough or batter for a delightful‍ crunch and nutty flavor. You ⁢can ⁢even sprinkle them on top of muffins or ⁤bread for an eye-catching presentation.

To enjoy the 临安山核桃仁 (Salty) in all its glory, head over to our website to purchase your own bag. With our satisfaction guarantee, you can indulge in these delicious walnut kernels with confidence. Don’t miss out on this delightful treat!

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Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

We have gathered several‌ customer reviews for the ‌Chinese Salty Walnut Kernels from Linan Mountain and analyzed them to give you a comprehensive overview of what ​customers think about this product. Here ‌are the‍ key takeaways:

  1. “So ⁢fresh as just peeled. I really like its aroma and flavor.”

    • This reviewer appreciates the freshness, aroma, and⁤ flavor of the walnut kernels.

  2. “The walnuts are crispy with ⁤a little⁤ bit⁢ salty and special fragrance, very fresh. So delicious. ‍The ones‍ from⁣ 临安 have the best quality. I’m very ⁢glad I can buy them from⁣ Amazon.”

    • The customer‍ enjoys the crispiness, slight saltiness, and unique fragrance of these walnut kernels.⁣ They ⁣specifically mention⁤ the high quality of the ones from Linan Mountain and express satisfaction with their purchase ⁣on Amazon.

  3. “They taste ‌better when they came in ​the nut shells. But these ones have saved me a lot ​of ‌work trying to get all the tiny nuts out of hard and tiny sharp ⁤shells. I just wish they didn’t‌ add other stuffs to the nuts because doing so had ruined some flavors.”

    • This reviewer prefers walnuts with the shells intact for enhanced taste. However, they appreciate the convenience ⁤of these peeled walnut kernels, which eliminates the need for shelling. They express disappointment ‌in the addition​ of other ingredients, which ‌they feel has affected the ‍flavors negatively.

  4. “I ordered 7 of those walnuts on 27 December and received on 21 January. All were from middle to ​late December ⁢package date. Very good though a⁤ little pricey but these days considering everything, it’s not too bad. Just ordered more as it’s cold season now​ and okay for long shipping time. I have enjoyed every piece of‍ it😋”

    • The customer shares their satisfaction with the delivery time and the quality of the walnut kernels, which were packaged⁢ in mid to late December. ‌They acknowledge the slightly higher price but justify ⁢it by​ considering the current circumstances. Despite this, they express their enjoyment‍ of every piece.

  5. “The nuts are approaching ‌the expiration⁢ date and ⁤smells greasy and rancid.”

    • This reviewer reports​ a negative experience, mentioning that⁤ the nuts⁣ they received were nearing their⁣ expiration date and had an unpleasant greasy and rancid smell.

  6. “Received the order in FL in 2 days. The original flavor is​ the one that the little walnuts are known for.⁢ We ordered in January 2023, and the seal says the manufacturing⁣ date was Dec 2022, very fresh. ‌Crunchy and tasty, I will order again!”

    • This customer is satisfied with their​ fast delivery and praises ⁢the original flavor of the walnut‍ kernels. They ⁤mention the freshness⁤ indicated ⁢by the manufacturing date in December 2022, and express their enjoyment of the crunchy and ⁤tasty⁢ texture. They also mention their intention to reorder.

  7. “The bottle weighs 100g, which means the nuts only weigh 150g. The⁣ weight in the picture is misleading.”

    • This reviewer highlights a discrepancy‍ in the advertised weight of the product. They note that while the bottle weighs 100g, the actual weight of the walnut kernels is only⁣ 150g, which contradicts the weight shown in⁤ the product image.

  8. “Fresh and delicious! I will buy it ⁤again! Thanks!”

    • The customer ‍simply praises the freshness⁢ and deliciousness of the walnut kernels and expresses‌ their intention to repurchase.

Based on these customer reviews, it can be concluded that the Chinese Salty Walnut Kernels from Linan Mountain generally receive positive ⁤feedback for their freshness, aroma, and flavor. However, some customers have concerns regarding​ the​ addition of other ingredients and discrepancies in weight. ⁣Overall, the product seems to have satisfied many customers, leading ⁣to repurchases and positive recommendations.

Pros & ‍Cons

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Pros & Cons


  • Delicious, sweet, and fragrant taste
  • Available in three optional flavors: Original, Creamy, ​and Salty
  • Convenient net weight of 170g without the bottle
  • High-quality ⁤Linan Mountain walnut‍ kernels
  • Great source of ‍protein and healthy fats
  • Peeled walnuts without any shells make ⁢for easy snacking
  • Responsive​ customer service for replacements in case of damaged or spoiled items


  • Potential for loose seal during long overseas journey, resulting in a ⁢few spoiled items
  • Some may prefer other flavors ⁤besides the Salty option
  • Product dimensions⁤ may be larger‌ than expected (3.54 x 3.54 x 3.94 inches)
  • The ‍gross weight of 250g with the bottle may ‌seem excessive for some


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Q: Are these walnut kernels salty?

A: Yes, these walnut kernels have⁤ a savory and salty flavor. They are specifically marketed as “Chinese Salty Walnut Kernels from Linan Mountain.”

Q: What are the available flavors for these walnut kernels?

A: The walnut‌ kernels come ‍in three optional flavors: Original, Creamy, and⁣ Salty. So, if‌ you prefer something other than the salty flavor, you have ⁣alternative options to choose from.

Q: How much do these walnut kernels weigh?

A: The net weight of the walnut kernels ‍is 170g (6 ounces) without⁢ the bottle. With the bottle included, the gross weight is 250g.

Q: What should I do if I receive a damaged or spoiled bottle/item?

A: If you happen to receive a damaged bottle or a spoiled ‌item, please reach out to us immediately. Kindly provide a photo of the bottle/item so that we can‍ assist you promptly. Rest assured, we will ship a replacement to you. Due to the long journey​ of these bottled ‍walnuts overseas, it is possible that⁢ a few items may have been ⁤spoilt due to a loose seal.

Q: ⁢Can you tell ⁢me more⁤ about these walnut kernels?

A: These walnut kernels are peeled from Linan Fresh Mountain Walnuts, specifically sourced from Lin’an, China. They are known for their delicious, sweet, and fragrant taste. The kernels ​are removed ⁣from their shells, allowing for easy consumption and enjoyment. ​Whether⁤ you opt for the original, creamy, or salty flavor, you can expect a delightful walnut kernel experience.

Achieve New​ Heights

Savory Review: Our Take on Chinese Salty Walnut Kernels from Linan Mountain插图7
And there you have it, our savory review of the Chinese Salty Walnut Kernels from Linan Mountain. ⁣We’ve peeled back the layers to ⁣bring you our honest take on these‍ delectable treats.

From the moment we cracked open the bottle, the aroma of ⁢these‌ fresh Linan Mountain Walnut ​Kernels enveloped our senses. The taste delivered on its promise, with a perfect balance of deliciousness, sweetness, and fragrance.

What sets this product apart is the option to choose from three flavors⁤ – original, creamy, or salty. The salty version we tried added an irresistible twist to the traditional walnut ⁤taste, making it a unique and‍ delightful⁢ snacking experience.

Coming in a net weight of 170g without the bottle (or a gross weight of‌ 250g including the bottle),⁣ these walnut kernels offer a generous amount to satisfy your cravings. And if by ​chance you receive a damaged⁢ or spoiled bottle, fret not! Just reach out to the supplier, provide them‌ with⁤ a photo, and they will promptly send you ⁤a replacement.

It’s important to note that these bottled walnuts undergo a long journey to reach you, and occasionally, ⁣some items may be affected⁤ by a loose seal during transportation.​ However, this has been a rare occurrence, and the quality and taste of the majority of the walnuts remain exceptional.

If you’re ready to embark ⁣on⁣ a flavorful adventure, we invite⁣ you to try these Chinese Salty Walnut Kernels from‍ Linan Mountain. Click the link below to satisfy your taste buds and enjoy the crunch of these delectable nuts.

Click here to purchase your own bottle of ⁤Chinese Salty Walnut Kernels

Indulge in the taste, the fragrance, and the texture that these Linan‍ Mountain Walnut Kernels have to ⁢offer. Trust us, your snacking game will ⁢never be ⁤the same again!

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Savory Review: Our Take on Chinese Salty Walnut Kernels from Linan Mountain

When it comes to munching on the perfect snack, we always strive to discover new and exciting flavors. And let us tell you, our taste buds have found their newest obsession—Chinese Salty Walnut Kernels from Linan Mountain.

As we opened the package, the enticing aroma of freshly peeled walnuts filled the air. These plump, nutritious gems were a treat for the senses. Popping one in our mouths, we were greeted with a delightful crunch followed by the rich, buttery taste we all know and love.

The mild saltiness in the kernels perfectly balanced the natural sweetness, creating a flavor harmony that kept us coming back for more. Whether enjoyed on their own, sprinkled over salads, or incorporated into baked goods, these Linan Mountain Walnut Kernels proved to be an irresistible addition to our snacking routine.

With their top-notch quality and addictive flavor, we can confidently say that these Chinese Salty Walnut Kernels have earned a permanent spot in our pantry.

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