Power Up Your Space: TESSAN Multi Plug Outlet Extender Review

Have you ever found yourself ‌in need ⁢of ​more electrical outlets but never seem ‍to have enough? Look no further! We recently had the opportunity to try out the Multi Plug Outlet Extender with USB from TESSAN, and let us tell you, it has been a game-changer for us.⁣ This surge protector outlet not only provides⁤ 6 electrical outlets, but also 3 USB wall chargers, making it the perfect solution for our home ‌and dorm room⁣ essentials.‍ With a 1050J surge protector, ​we can rest easy knowing our devices⁤ are protected from any​ power surges. Stay tuned for our full in-depth review of this must-have product.

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⁢ In our experience with this multi ⁣plug outlet extender, we found it to be a convenient and versatile solution ​that caters to our daily charging needs.‍ The 6 AC outlets are power-rated at 1875W, providing ample space for multiple plugs at once.⁣ Not to mention ⁢the 1050J surge protection that keeps our devices safe‍ from electrical disturbances, giving us peace of mind.

The design​ of this outlet extender is ⁢clever and practical, with ⁣a removable stabilizing rod for secure attachment to any standard or decorator outlet. We appreciate the added feature of 3 USB ports ‍that can deliver charging speeds⁤ of up to 2.4A each. Whether‍ it’s for home, office, or college dorm room, this multi plug outlet extender has proven to be a reliable and convenient solution for all our charging needs.

Features Benefits
6 AC outlets Power-rated at ‌1875W, accommodating multiple plugs
1050J surge protection Keeps devices safe from ​electrical disturbances
3 USB ports Delivers fast charging speeds of up to 2.4A each

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Unique ⁣Design and Convenient Functionality

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The unique design of this multi plug‍ outlet extender with USB from TESSAN truly sets it apart ​from other surge protectors on the market. The removable stabilizing rod design not only ensures a secure fit ‌to the wall but also allows for versatility‍ in fitting different types of outlets. Whether you have a standard outlet, decorator outlet, USB receptacle, or ‍GFCI outlet, this outlet extender is compatible with them all. The⁣ 3-side design and⁤ widely spaced⁤ AC ​outlets make it convenient to accommodate up⁤ to 6 plugs ‍simultaneously, providing a ⁢seamless⁢ charging experience⁣ for all your devices.

In addition to its convenient functionality, this outlet extender is also equipped with a 1050J⁣ surge protector to⁤ safeguard your electronics from power surges and spikes. The surge protection indicator light serves as a reassuring reminder that your devices are safe from potential circuit overloads. With⁢ a‍ total output of 3A across the 3 USB ports, this extender can charge your cell phone, camera, laptop, and other USB ​devices at a maximum speed of 2.4A per port. Whether you’re in your living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen,‌ hotel, office,⁤ or college dorm room, this multi plug​ outlet⁤ extender with USB is a versatile and essential addition to your ⁣space. Experience the⁣ convenience and peace of mind it offers by getting yours today! Check it out here.

Key ⁤Features:

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One of the key features of this multi plug outlet extender is its 1050J surge ⁣protector, which is essential for protecting your home or office electronics from surges and spikes disturbances. The surge protection ensures that your devices are safe from circuit overload with a 1050‍ Joules Surge Protection rating. Additionally, the red light surge protection indicator serves as a reminder that the surge ‍protection is actively working to keep your devices safeguarded.

Another standout feature​ is the fit for any outlet design, which includes a removable stabilizing rod for‌ secure attachment⁣ to the wall. This‌ feature eliminates the worry of the extender falling off and ensures a stable connection. The plug extender can easily fit⁤ standard outlets, decorator outlets, as well as USB receptacles and GFCI outlets by simply rotating to remove the stabilizing rod. With a product size of 4.96*2.17*2.17 inches, this outlet extender is suitable‌ for various ‌indoor settings, making it a versatile and​ convenient addition to your home or office.

Efficient USB Wall Charger and Surge Protector

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This USB wall charger and surge protector from TESSAN is a game-changer for anyone looking to power up multiple devices efficiently. The three USB ports deliver a charging speed of up to 2.4A per port, perfect for charging a variety of gadgets like cell phones, cameras, and laptops. With a total output of 3A when all three ports are in use, you ⁢can rest assured that your devices will be charged quickly and safely. Plus, the indicator light lets you ⁤know when power is flowing, ensuring you’re always in the know.

The 1050J surge⁤ protector‍ is a standout feature of this product, ⁢offering protection from power surges and spikes that could potentially damage your electronics. The plug extender is versatile and can fit standard outlets, ⁤decorator outlets, USB receptacles, and GFCI outlets. With a removable stabilizing rod design, you can securely attach this outlet extender to the wall without worrying about it falling off. Whether⁢ you⁢ need⁣ extra outlets in the living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, office, or dorm room, this multi-plug outlet extender is ‍a must-have for keeping all your devices charged and protected. Ready to upgrade your power setup? Check out this from TESSAN today!

Expand Your Electrical Outlets with Ease

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Looking to enhance the number ‍of outlets in your living space without the hassle of ⁢complicated installations? Look no further! The Multi Plug Outlet Extender is the perfect solution for your electrical‌ needs. With 6 AC outlets and 3 USB ports capable of delivering up to 2.4A per port, this expander​ allows ​you to charge multiple devices simultaneously without sacrificing speed. The 1050J Surge Protector ensures that your ‍electronics are protected from power surges, giving you peace of‍ mind while using the extender.

Not‍ only is this outlet extender ⁢functional, but it is also versatile. Designed to fit standard outlets, decorator outlets, USB receptacles, and GFCI outlets, this extender can cater to ⁢various electrical setups. The removable stabilizing ⁤rod‌ ensures that the extender stays securely in place, eliminating the worry of it falling off. Whether you⁢ need extra outlets in your home, ‌office, or dorm room, this product is suitable for any indoor⁢ environment. Don’t‍ miss out on this convenient and ⁣efficient solution ‌to expand your electrical outlets effortlessly. Check it out on Amazon.

In-depth Review:

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After using this multi plug⁣ outlet extender with USB from TESSAN, we can confidently say that it has become a must-have in our home. The 6 electrical outlets make it incredibly convenient to charge multiple devices⁤ at the same time without ​having to constantly switch plugs around. The surge protector feature gives us peace of mind knowing that our electronics are protected from power surges and spikes.

The compact size and versatile design of this outlet extender make it suitable for any indoor space,‌ from the living room to the office and even the college dorm room. The 3 USB ports‌ allow for fast charging of smartphones, cameras,‌ and laptops,⁢ making it a versatile and essential ‍tool for everyday use. With its sturdy build and convenient⁣ stabilizing rod, we no longer have to worry about the extender falling off the wall. In conclusion, we⁢ highly recommend this TESSAN outlet extender⁤ to anyone looking for a reliable and practical solution for their charging needs.

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Quality Materials and Reliable Performance

When it comes to , the Multi Plug ⁤Outlet Extender with​ USB from TESSAN truly stands out.​ The surge protector outlet with 1050J ⁣surge protection rating ensures ‍that your home electronics are safe from surges ⁤and spikes, giving you peace of mind while using multiple devices. The design is not only functional but also well-thought-out, with ​a removable stabilizing⁣ rod ⁤that can be fixed firmly to the wall, making it suitable for any indoor place with a socket.

The six electrical outlets and three USB ports provide ample charging options for all your devices, whether it’s your phone, camera, ‍or laptop. The indicator light lets ⁣you know when the power is on/off, adding an ‍extra layer of convenience. This plug extender is versatile and ⁣fits standard outlets, decorator outlets, USB receptacles, and GFCI ‌outlets, making it a must-have for any living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, hotel, office, or college dorm room. If you’re looking for a reliable and durable outlet extender that delivers on quality and performance, look no further than this TESSAN product.

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Practical and‍ Stylish Addition to Any Space

Looking for a ? Look no further than this Multi Plug Outlet Extender⁢ with USB from TESSAN. With 6 AC ‍outlets and 3 USB ports, this surge protector outlet can ⁢accommodate all your charging needs. The‌ 1050J⁢ surge protection ensures your devices are ⁤safe from power surges⁣ and spikes, while the⁣ indicator light lets⁣ you know when the⁣ power is ⁢on/off. The removable ‍stabilizing rod ‌design ensures a secure​ fit‍ on any standard ‍outlet.

This multi plug outlet extender ⁣is perfect for any indoor space, whether it’s your living room,‍ bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, ‌office, or college dorm room. Its⁤ compact size makes it easy to use and its ⁢3 side design allows for accommodating multiple plugs at the same time.‍ Don’t miss out on this versatile and convenient outlet extender – get yours today and declutter‌ your ⁤space with ease! Check it out on Amazon!


We highly recommend this Multi Plug Outlet Extender with USB by TESSAN for anyone looking to ⁢expand their electrical⁣ outlets without sacrificing USB charging capabilities. The surge protector ‍feature provides peace of mind by protecting your electronic devices from power surges‍ and spikes, making⁣ it suitable ⁣for use in any indoor setting, from homes to dorm rooms to offices. The removable stabilizing rod design ensures a secure fit⁢ to the wall,‍ eliminating the fear of it falling off and causing inconvenience.

With 6 AC outlets and ⁢3 USB ports, this outlet‌ extender meets ​all your ⁤daily charging ‍needs. The widely spaced and 3-sided design‍ allows for the accommodation of 6 plugs simultaneously, making it convenient for use in various locations such ⁣as living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, hotels, and offices. Don’t‍ miss out on this versatile and practical solution to your electrical outlet needs!

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Ideal for Home or Dorm Use

If⁣ you’re looking for a versatile and practical power solution for your home or⁣ dorm room, look no⁤ further ​than this multi plug outlet extender. With 6 AC outlets and 3 USB ports, this surge protector​ outlet can⁢ easily accommodate all your devices,⁤ from laptops to cell phones, cameras, and more. The 1050J surge ⁤protection ensures your electronics stay safe from power surges and spikes, giving you peace of mind while charging.

The compact ⁣design of this ⁣outlet extender makes it perfect for any indoor setting, whether it’s your ‍living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen,⁣ office, or college​ dorm room. The removable stabilizing rod allows for easy⁣ installation on any standard or decorator‍ outlet, ensuring a secure fit. ⁢Say goodbye to messy cords and limited charging options – simplify your life with this convenient outlet extender. Don’t miss ⁣out on this must-have home or dorm room essential – get yours today!

Must-Have Essential for Tech Enthusiasts and Organization Fanatics

If you’re a tech enthusiast or someone ⁢who loves to keep things organized, this Multi Plug Outlet Extender with USB from TESSAN is a game-changer. With ⁢6 ⁣electrical outlets and 3 USB ports, this surge protector outlet ​is a⁤ must-have for anyone ⁣who needs to charge ​multiple devices at once. The 1050J⁣ surge⁤ protection ensures that your electronics are safe from power ⁤surges and spikes, giving you peace of‌ mind.

The compact design and removable stabilizing rod make this outlet extender fit for any outlet, whether you’re using it in the ‍living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, hotel, office, or college dorm room. The indicator light​ lets⁢ you ‌know⁢ when the ⁢power⁢ is on/off, and the 3.4A total output ensures fast ⁢charging for ‍your devices. Say goodbye to outlet scarcity and hello to convenience with this versatile and essential gadget. Experience‍ the benefits for ⁣yourself and‍ get yours today on Amazon! Check it out here.

Customer Reviews Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis

After analyzing the customer⁤ reviews for the TESSAN Multi⁤ Plug Outlet Extender, it is⁤ clear⁢ that this‌ product is highly praised for its compact design, multiple outlet options, and USB ports. Customers find this outlet extender to be a convenient and efficient addition to their homes. Here are some key takeaways from the reviews:

Key ⁢Features:

Feature Customer⁣ Feedback
Solid Mounting Customers appreciate the solid mounting of the power strip on the outlet, as well as the side plugs which prevent cords from protruding.
Compact Design Reviewers find this outlet extender ‌to be ⁤the most compact compared to other similar products, making it ideal for their needs.
Convenient​ USB Ports Users love⁢ the top-mounted USB ports, making it easy to charge their devices alongside using⁤ the AC outlets.

Customer Satisfaction:

Overall, customers are highly satisfied with the TESSAN Multi Plug Outlet Extender. Many users have found it to‌ be a convenient solution for expanding their outlet options in various rooms, such as the kitchen,‍ bathroom, and even for holiday decorations.​ The product’s ability to securely hold plugs​ without pulling out of the socket has been particularly appreciated.

While some‌ customers mentioned​ that the‌ extender ‌is slightly bulky and may not be suitable⁣ for outlets located behind furniture, the majority of reviewers consider it⁣ to be a space-saving and functional addition⁢ to their homes. The versatile use cases – from charging electronic devices to powering kitchen appliances – have⁢ made this product ‍a favorite among customers.

Overall, the⁤ TESSAN Multi Plug Outlet⁤ Extender has received positive feedback ⁤for its design,⁢ functionality, and convenience. Customers‍ appreciate the quality of the product ⁣and its ability to meet their diverse electrical needs.

Pros & Cons

Pros ⁤& Cons:


1. Convenient design with​ 6 AC outlets
2. 3 USB ports for charging multiple devices
3. Surge protector with‌ 1050J‌ rating
4. Indicator light for surge protection
5.⁢ Removable‍ stabilizing rod for secure‌ fit
6. Suitable⁣ for ​various indoor settings


1. Bulkier design may obstruct nearby outlets
2. Limited surge protection compared⁣ to higher-end models
3. Stability rod may need adjustment for some outlet types

Overall, the TESSAN Multi Plug Outlet Extender is​ a versatile and practical solution for ​expanding the number of outlets and USB charging ports in your living space. With its convenient design and surge protection features, it is a valuable addition to any home, dorm room, or office setting. However, users should be aware of its size and⁢ compatibility with different outlet types before making a⁤ purchase. ‌


Q: How⁣ many devices can I charge at once with the TESSAN ⁤Multi Plug ​Outlet Extender?

A: You can charge up to 6 devices at once with the 6 AC outlets on this outlet extender. Additionally, there are 3 USB ports for charging your cell phone, camera, laptops, and‍ more.

Q: Is the TESSAN Outlet Extender suitable for all types of ⁢outlets?

A: Yes, the TESSAN Outlet Extender is designed to fit standard outlets as well as decorator outlets. The removable stabilizing rod ensures a secure fit to the wall, with the option to ‌remove it for fitting USB receptacles and GFCI ⁣outlets.

Q: How does the surge protection feature work on the TESSAN Outlet Extender?

A: The TESSAN Outlet‌ Extender is equipped with 1050J Surge ​Protection to protect your electronics ‍from surges and spikes. The red light surge protection‌ indicator lets you know when the surge protection is activated and working to keep your devices safe.

Q: Where is the best place to use ⁤the TESSAN Outlet Extender?

A: The TESSAN Outlet Extender is suitable for any indoor place with a socket, making it perfect for use in the living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen,⁣ hotel, office, and ​college dorm room. Its compact⁣ size makes it convenient to use in any space.

Embrace a New Era

As we come to the end of our TESSAN Multi Plug Outlet Extender review,‍ we hope you now have⁣ a clearer understanding of the features and benefits of⁤ this versatile power⁤ strip. From‍ its surge‌ protection capabilities to its multiple outlets and USB ports, this device is sure‌ to be ​a valuable ⁣addition to your space.

If ‌you’re looking to power up your home, dorm room, or office with a reliable and efficient outlet extender, we highly recommend giving the TESSAN Surge Protector Outlet a try. With its compact size and ‍versatile design, ​it’s ⁢suitable for‌ any indoor setting.

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Thank you for‍ joining us on this review journey.⁤ Stay powered up and surge-protected with​ TESSAN!

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Looking to power up your space with a convenient and efficient solution? Look no further than the TESSAN Multi Plug Outlet Extender. With 6 electrical outlets and 3 USB wall chargers, this surge protector outlet is the perfect dorm room essential or addition to any home. We were impressed by the 1050J surge protection, ensuring our devices are safe from power surges. The compact design allows for easy placement in any room, while the durable build quality gives us peace of mind knowing our devices are in good hands. Say goodbye to struggling with limited outlets and cables all over the place – the TESSAN Multi Plug Outlet Extender is here to streamline your charging needs.

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