Glass Shield Review: ZAGG ID5GLS-F00 for Apple iPad Pro and Air

Welcome to our review of ‍the ⁤ZAGG ID5GLS-F00 InvisibleShield Glass​ Screen Protector ‍for‍ Apple‌ iPad Pro 9.7 / iPad⁢ Air 2/ iPad⁢ Air. As tech enthusiasts, we are always on the lookout ⁢for the best ⁢accessories to protect our beloved gadgets. The ZAGG⁤ InvisibleShield ​Glass screen protector promises to deliver maximum scratch ‍protection while ⁢maintaining crystal clear​ image resolution – and we⁢ put it ⁣to the test to see if it lives up to ‍the ⁣hype.

With its high-quality ‌tempered glass construction, ⁢this screen ⁤protector is ultra-smooth to the touch and provides precise touchscreen sensitivity. The easy, bubble-free application made the installation process a breeze, and the oil-resistant coating ⁤repelled natural skin oils, keeping ​our iPad screen looking clean and​ pristine.

But the real ‌standout feature of the ZAGG InvisibleShield⁢ Glass is its lifetime guarantee.‌ This gives us‍ peace of mind knowing that‍ if ‍our screen protector gets​ worn or damaged, ‍ZAGG will replace it for as long as we ⁢own our device.

Stay tuned as we dive deeper into our experience with the ZAGG ID5GLS-F00 InvisibleShield ‌Glass​ Screen Protector and‌ see if it truly is the clear choice in screen​ protection for your Apple iPad Pro 9.7, iPad Air 2,⁢ or iPad⁤ Air.

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Our ⁣experience‍ with⁣ the ZAGG ID5GLS-F00 InvisibleShield ⁤Glass Screen Protector was nothing⁣ short of impressive. This premium ⁢screen ⁢protector ⁣is made of high-quality tempered‌ glass,⁣ providing maximum scratch protection ​while maintaining​ crystal clear image resolution. The ultra-smooth surface with beveled edges feels like no other ⁢screen protector we’ve ever used, enhancing the overall‌ touch sensitivity and high definition‌ clarity of our device.

The installation⁤ process was ​a breeze with the smart⁣ EZ‍ Apply ⁤tabs, ensuring⁢ a bubble-free application⁤ every time. The oil-resistant coating ‌not only repels natural skin ⁤oils, but also makes cleaning a simple task. With fortified tempered glass, this screen protector ​offers unmatched protection against scratches and‌ impacts. ​Plus, with a lifetime guarantee from Invisible Shield, we can trust in ⁢the ⁤durability and reliability of this product for years to come. ‍If you’re looking⁤ for⁣ the clear choice ⁢in ⁤screen protection, we highly recommend giving the ZAGG ID5GLS-F00 InvisibleShield‍ Glass Screen Protector a ⁣try. Get yours today!

Key Features and Benefits

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Our ZAGG ID5GLS-F00 InvisibleShield Glass Screen Protector offers a range of that make it the top choice for protecting your ⁢Apple iPad Pro ⁢9.7, iPad Air 2, or⁢ iPad Air. The high-quality tempered glass provides‌ maximum scratch protection without ​compromising on​ image resolution. This ‌means you can enjoy crystal clear clarity ​while keeping your screen safe from everyday wear⁢ and tear. The ultra-smooth surface with beveled edges‌ feels unlike ⁢anything ‍you’ve experienced before, enhancing ‍your touchscreen interaction.

Not only ⁤does our glass screen protector offer unmatched protection, but⁢ it also⁢ maintains precise‌ touch sensitivity, ensuring a seamless user experience. The⁣ easy, bubble-free application process makes installing the protector a breeze,​ thanks to the‌ smart ⁣EZ Apply tabs. The oil-resistant coating ⁣repels natural skin oils, making cleaning effortless. With a lifetime⁤ guarantee, you can trust that our InvisibleShield Glass will provide long-lasting protection for your ​device. ‌Upgrade your screen protection ‌today⁢ and ensure ‍your ‌iPad stays⁤ in pristine condition – ⁤shop ​now on Amazon!

In-depth Analysis

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When‌ it comes to screen ‌protectors, we always want to⁤ make sure ⁣we’re getting the best⁢ quality to keep our devices safe and secure. ⁢The ZAGG ID5GLS-F00 InvisibleShield Glass Screen​ Protector‌ for Apple iPad Pro 9.7 / iPad Air 2/ iPad Air ​is‌ truly a game-changer. ​Made of high-quality tempered​ glass, this ⁤screen protector ⁢offers maximum scratch ‌protection‍ while still maintaining crystal clear image resolution. The ultra-smooth surface with beveled edges gives it a premium feel unlike ​any other screen protector out ‌there.

One of the standout features of this screen protector is its precision touch sensitivity. ​The smooth tempered glass provides⁢ remarkable touch sensitivity ⁤and high definition ‌clarity, ​giving you the best possible user experience. Installing ​this screen protector is a breeze with the easy, bubble-free application thanks‌ to the smart EZ Apply tabs. Plus, with‍ the⁢ lifetime guarantee that comes ⁣with the InvisibleShield⁢ Glass, ‌you can​ rest assured that your device’s screen will be protected for years​ to come.‌ Don’t wait any ⁣longer, upgrade your ⁣screen⁤ protection today! Check it ⁢out on Amazon now!.

Final Recommendations

After thoroughly testing the ZAGG ID5GLS-F00 InvisibleShield Glass Screen Protector, we highly recommend⁣ this product for anyone seeking top-notch screen protection⁣ for their Apple iPad Pro 9.7, iPad Air 2, or iPad Air. The tempered glass material provides⁤ maximum scratch protection without compromising image resolution, ensuring‍ crystal clear clarity. The ultra-smooth surface with beveled edges feels premium ​to ​the touch, while maintaining precise ‍touchscreen sensitivity.

Installation ⁢is a breeze with​ the smart EZ Apply tabs that make the process simple and accurate, resulting in a bubble-free application every time. ​The oil-resistant coating repels natural skin oils, making it easy to keep the screen clean and looking great. With a‌ lifetime guarantee, you can‌ trust that‍ this ⁢screen protector will continue to provide unparalleled protection for your ‍device. Don’t wait any longer to safeguard your​ iPad – click here ‍ to ⁣get your hands‌ on ​the​ ZAGG ID5GLS-F00 InvisibleShield Glass Screen‍ Protector today!

Customer Reviews ​Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis

After reading through⁢ various customer reviews, we have⁤ compiled ⁤some key points to ⁤highlight:

Zagg Glass saved my iPhone from damage caused by a‌ fall in the car
Easy‍ and trouble-free warranty exchange experience
Smooth‌ application process with ingenious ⁢tab system
Enhanced touch screen⁢ experience with Glass
Highly recommended for meticulous device owners

While the process of installing ‌the⁢ Zagg Glass can‌ test one’s patience, the product quality and customer service ​from Zagg are‌ top-notch.​ Many customers have praised the ease of installation‌ and the responsiveness of ‍Zagg’s warranty replacement program. Despite the nominal fee for warranty exchanges, the overall consensus ⁤is ⁢that the Zagg⁢ Glass is a worthwhile investment for⁤ protecting your device.

Customers have ⁣noted the clarity and smooth feel of the Zagg Glass, emphasizing ‌its‍ ability to provide⁢ excellent protection without‌ compromising the ​touch screen ⁤experience. The tempered ‍glass material ⁣has ​proven effective in preventing⁣ screen ⁤damage from ​falls, ⁢as seen in ​multiple ‌user​ experiences.

Overall, the​ Zagg ID5GLS-F00 InvisibleShield Glass Screen Protector for Apple iPad Pro and Air receives positive feedback ‌from ⁢customers for its quality, durability, and protective capabilities. With a majority‍ of reviews praising ⁢its performance and ⁢ease​ of use, the ⁢Zagg ‍Glass is indeed a valuable asset for device ‍protection.

Pros &⁣ Cons

Pros ​& Cons of ZAGG ID5GLS-F00 InvisibleShield Glass Screen Protector


1. Maximum​ scratch protection
2. ‌Crystal clear image resolution
3. Precise touchscreen sensitivity
4.‌ Easy installation with smart EZ Apply ​tabs
5. Ultra ⁤smooth tempered glass with beveled ⁤edges
6. Oil-resistant coating ⁢for easy cleaning
7. Lifetime guarantee


1. May be more expensive than other screen protectors
2. Only compatible with Apple ⁤iPad Pro 9.7, iPad Air 2, and iPad Air

Overall, the ZAGG ID5GLS-F00 InvisibleShield Glass⁤ Screen Protector offers superior protection and ​clarity for‌ your iPad screen. While it may‌ come ‍at a slightly higher price point ⁢and have limited compatibility, ⁣the lifetime guarantee and easy installation make it⁢ a​ worthwhile investment for keeping your device ‍safe and looking ⁤great.


Q: What devices is⁤ the ZAGG ID5GLS-F00 InvisibleShield Glass Screen Protector compatible with?

A: The ZAGG ID5GLS-F00 ⁤is compatible with Apple ‌iPad Pro 9.7, iPad Air 2, and iPad Air.

Q: Does the glass ⁤screen protector feel different from⁤ a⁤ regular ⁢screen?

A: Yes, ‌the‌ smooth tempered ‌glass with beveled edges feels unlike anything you’ve ever felt before, providing an⁢ ultra-smooth experience.

Q: Is‍ the installation process difficult?

A: ​Not at all! The ZAGG ID5GLS-F00 features smart EZ Apply‌ tabs that make application ⁢simple ⁢and accurate, ensuring a ⁤bubble-free ⁣installation every time.

Q: How ⁣thin is the glass‍ screen ⁣protector?

A: The ZAGG ID5GLS-F00 is only 0.4mm thin, maintaining precise touchscreen sensitivity while⁣ providing⁣ maximum scratch⁢ protection.

Q: Does the glass screen protector ‍come with⁢ a warranty?

A: Yes, the ZAGG ID5GLS-F00 comes with a ‌lifetime guarantee, so you can trust‌ that your device is always protected.

Seize the Opportunity

Thank you for reading‌ our review of the ZAGG ID5GLS-F00 InvisibleShield Glass Screen⁣ Protector for ⁤Apple iPad‌ Pro and‍ Air. We ⁤were truly impressed by the high-quality tempered ⁣glass and the ⁢maximum scratch protection⁣ it provides while ⁣maintaining​ crystal⁤ clear image resolution. The precise ⁤touchscreen sensitivity ‌and easy installation make it a ⁣clear choice for anyone looking to protect their device.

If⁢ you want to experience the ​ultimate in screen protection with the ZAGG Glass Screen Protector, click here to purchase it on Amazon and keep ‍your‌ device safe and looking great: Get your ZAGG Glass Screen⁤ Protector now!

Protect your investment and ⁣enjoy peace of mind with​ ZAGG Glass!

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Glass Shield Review: ZAGG ID5GLS-F00 for Apple iPad Pro and Air

We recently got our hands on the ZAGG ID5GLS-F00 Glass Screen Protector for our Apple iPad Pro 9.7, and we must say, we were impressed. The installation was a breeze, thanks to the clear instructions and handy tools provided. Once applied, the screen protector felt smooth to the touch and didn’t interfere with the responsiveness of the touchscreen at all.

We appreciated the added peace of mind knowing that our devices were protected from scratches and smudges, without sacrificing the clarity of the screen. The overall quality of the glass shield is top-notch, and it definitely lived up to our expectations. If you’re in the market for a reliable screen protector for your iPad Pro or Air, we highly recommend the ZAGG ID5GLS-F00.

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